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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear ." The Buddha

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Welcome to Essence Workshops.

The main aim of Essence Workshops is to create one stop shop for like-minded people in Melbourne who want to live a lifestyle of healthy body, mind and spirit in harmony with our Mother Nature. We offer various high quality workshops focused on mind, body, spirit and sustainable living.

We are a new business in town and we are proud to announce that we will start delivering workshops already this Spring 2018! We would love you to be part of our family and stay in touch with us while we are planning and organising these fabulous workshops for you.

If you would like to know how we are progressing, what workshops are coming up and many more interesting news, posts, tips and videos related to these topics like our Facebook page.

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Workshop Categories


Mind and Spirit

Healthy Cooking and Eating

Plants and Herbs, Sustainable Living

Creative Healing

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Our goal is to deliver high quality workshops with a focus on reach relevant contents and customer pleasurable experience. Therefore, our presenters are carefully handpicked for each individual workshop.

Our Library

Our library contains wide range of books from renowned authors in the area of well being and sustainable living. Happy reading

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Message to Our Customers


Essence Workshops is here for you and because of you dear existing and future customers.

We always have our mind, eyes and ears open for the opportunity to deliver new interesting workshops. We invite you to be a part of it. We would love to hear your suggestions for new workshops that are of interest to you. You never know you might be the lucky one to win our workshop voucher!

As important as your suggestions is your constructive feedback about our workshops including the contents, presenter performance, venue, organisation, etc.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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