Reconnect with Nature & Healthy Home – Pillars of Healthy Lifestyle

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Reconnect with Nature

Spirituality is about having faith and trust in yourself and at the same time realising you are part of something bigger. Being outdoors and in nature is the best way to help you see the bigger picture. It helps to take you out of that small mindset. It allows us to live in the present and let go of living in the past and worrying about what happened (that’s where depression comes from) or worrying about future (that`s where anxiety comes from). Reconnecting with nature doesn`t only help to enhance spiritual and mental wellbeing but also physical health through touching the earth and receiving healing benefits of grounding and breathing fresh air.

Healthy Home

Creating a healthy home is about creating an environment free of toxins and negative energy where health of the individuals, positive and healthy human relationships, healthy lifestyle of the whole family and positive energy floating through is encouraged, nourished and prioritised.


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