Workshops Categories

Workshops Categories


Workshops dedicated to physical strength and health.  “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Mind and Spirit

Learn skills that can make a real difference to your life and the lives of other’s. Workshops are dedicated to exploration of your spirituality and strong power of mind. Find your inner peace and balance through meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, sound healing and great range of energy flow workshops.

Healthy Eating and Cooking

Fuel your body and mind. Explore healing powers of different foods and learn how to prepare healthy, healing, full of nutrition and delicious feast for you and your family. In these hands on workshops you will learn new and traditional cooking techniques to enhance your healthy lifestyle and gut health. This may include

  • preparation of healthy snacks, main meals, seasonings, cooking oils,
  • learn canning, preserving, fermenting and dehydrating techniques,
  • cheese making
  • fresh food cooking, and more.

Plants and Herbs, Sustainable Living

Dreaming of living a self-sufficient lifestyle? Gain the hands on skills and knowledge to make that dream a reality. Learn how you can leave your “green” footprint on our planet using sustainable practices in your everyday life. Immerse yourself in sustainability, ecology and more integrated way of living. In our workshops you will learn:

  • permaculture principles in designing and maintaining productive edible gardens,
  • comprehensive range of Organic Gardening techniques including composting, crop rotation, companion planting and natural pest and disease management
  • seasonal gardening,
  • plant propagation techniques
  • integration, role and importance of animals in permacultures (chickens, bees, cows and more)
  • diverse uses of plants and herbs to caress all your senses. Whether it’s for outer beauty, body and mind relaxation or décor.
  • indigenous plants – their meaning and use

Creative Healing

These hands on workshops will take you on the journey of creative exploring of your mind and soul. Awaken your inner artist through writing, reading, various arts and crafts workshops and discover your inner “I” from inside out.

Workshops Schedule - Spring 2018

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